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Are you looking for a photographer to do sessions with great results in Catalonia mainly in Barcelona and Girona?


Here you can find the making of lifestyle photo sessions, done by a professional with a long career. I have knowledge in photography with artificial light in studio, and in photography with natural light in interior and exterior.


I can do photographic sessions of different types:

    .- Family photo shoots

    .- Personal photo shoots

    .- Photographic shoots for children

    .- Photo shoots of products and work

    .- Other proposals


If you have other ideas, another project in mind or you need someone to photograph your products, here you will find a professional and quality photographic work, with an assured result. Contact us here if you are interested and we will answer any questions.


My way of working is based on the relationship and well-being of all the participants. I believe that the secret of a good job is to do it in a relaxed environment, without tension and sympathizing with the other. Thus, we get everyone involved to feel comfortable, and in this way, people can get the best out of themselves without fear of being judged, without embarrassment and overall having a good time, ¡perhaps an experience to remember! Well-being and working in tranquility will be reflected with magnificent results, natural and sensitive to the emotion of the other.


So important to me is the receiver, the person who wants to capture special moments, I adapt the sessions to the places as I am asked, accepting your proposals and making own suggestions that can be interesting and can add value to the project or idea that we will create together. Whether indoors or outdoors, photo sessions will always take place in interesting locations.


And surely you are wondering about the price of these lifestyle shoots. Well, the quotes are made individually and according to the needs of the project and the client.


The prices can start from 90 euros with six photographs published in high resolution to higher expenses depending on the number of photographs required, the volume of work involved and whether or not they are in paper format.


If after reading the information you are interested or interested in doing a photo shoot with me, please do not hesitate to contact me using the following form. In the form you can explain what type of project you are interested in, so I can present you with a detailed quote.


¡Thank you very much and hope to see you soon!

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