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To simplify a bit, I will not put any photograph of the equipment, but I will tell you in full what I am currently using, without leaving any details of anything. At the same time, I will also put some links where you can buy it. 


CamerasMy main body is a Sony A7RIII

Sony A7R III > Amazon 


LensesThe lenses I use mainly for my photographs are. Two, the Sony 16-35 f2,8 GM and the Sony 24-105 f4 GM. Another lens that I usually carry in the bag but that I use infrequently, is the Sony 70-200 f2,8 GM. (Note: I'm missing a wide-angle 12 / 14mm very bright Sony)


Main Lenses

Sony 16-35 f2,8 GM > Amazon 

Sony 24-105 f4 G OSS > Amazon



Sony 70-200 f2,8 GM > Amazon


TripodsThe tripods that are used at 90% are the Gitzos of the Systematic Gt3533Ls series and the Ocean Systematic GT2542, such as the Gitzo Mountaineer GT2532 and the mini tripod Really Right Stuff TVC-32G



Gitzo Systematic Gt3533Ls > Amazon 

Gitzo Ocean Systematic Gt2542 (discontinued limited series) > Amazon



Gitzo Mountaineer Gt2532Ls > Amazon 

Realdt Right Stuff TCV-32G > Augenblicke Eingefangen


Ball Heads

Really Right Stuff BH55 LR > Augenblicke Eingefangen

Really Right Stuff BH40 LR > Augenblicke Eingefangen


Leveling bases (Paronama):

Really Right Stuff TA -3-LC-HK > Augenblicke Eingefangen

Really Right Stuff Universal Leveling Base > Augenblicke Eingefangen


Lane for nodal center (Panorama): 

Really Right Stuff MPR-CL-II > Augenblicke Eingefangen


FiltersI am currently using a 100mm Nisi IR filter kit


Kit Holder Nisi V6 100mm Landscape NC CPL > Amazon

Filters Nisi IR ND 100x100mm 0,9 (3 Stops) > Amazon 

Filters Nisi IR ND 100x100mm 1,8 (6 Stops) > Amazon 

Filters Nisi IR ND 100x100mm 3 (10 Stops) > Amazon 

Filters Nisi IR ND 100x100mm 4,5 (15 Stops) > Amazon  

Filters Nisi Degradado 100x150mm suave 0,9 (3 Stops) > Amazon

Filters Nisi Natural Night 100mm > Amazon



Bag for filtersI have always been in close collaboration with Terrascape and testing all their material. And I can assure you that they are the best bags that are currently on the market with much difference, it is all a delight and tranquility to be able to work with this material.




Filter Bag Classic > Terrascape

Filter Bag Smallone > Terrascape

Cleaning cloth Sharper  > Terrascape


Backpacks: I use backpacks from the F-stop brand, another great reference with difference. Currently I alternate with these four models according to the work to be done.


Lotus 32L (basic multipurpose) > F-stop Gear

Loka UL 37L (to go very light) > F-stop Gear

Tilopa 50L (travels) >  F-stop Gear

Skinn 80L (pure and hard mountain) > F-stop Gear


Memory Cads

Main: Sony SDXD USH-II SF-64GB Read 300 / Write 299 > Amazon 

Secondary: Sandisk SDHC EXTREM PRO 64GB 170MB/S > Amazon 


SD Case Cards:

Peli SD > Amazon

JJC SD > Amazon  


Studio Flashers

Profoto D1 Air 500 > Amazon 

Profoto D2 Air 500 TTL > Amazon

Accesorios Profoto > Amazon 


Work Table:

Pantalla Eizo CG277 > Amazon 

Calibrador Xrite Pro > Amazon

MacBook Pro (15 pulgadas con procesador 2,8Ghz 16Gb) > Amazon

Tableta Wacoom intous medium PHT-650 > Amazon 

Sai (estabilizador de corriente) > Amazon 


Hard Disk Backup:

Samsung SSD 850 Evo de 1Tb > Amazon

Qnap TS-453A (1) > Amazon

Western Digital de 8tb (4 discos para el Qnap (1) para Raid 5) > Amazon 

Qnap TS-453A (2) > Amazon

Western Digital de 3tb (4 discos para el Qnap (2) para Raid 5) > Amazon 


This is all my team. Of course, it is not the best, but it works very well for me and I do not need more. For any questions about the equipment, contact me in the following form. In it you can explain to me what doubts you have and so I can advise you better.


Thank you very much and see you soon

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