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Terrascape is a company located in Portugal that offers filter holders and other photographic products.


I will tell you my story:


When I started working with the filters of LucrOit165x165mm, I came across a big problem to do it comfortably and to transport them on the trips, so that they arrived in good condition given that they had and have quite large sizes.


But I came across Terrascape and things started looking up. The One Six Five model from their catalogue solved my problems in a definitive way.


One Six Fivewhich you can see in my equipment, like all the other bags in the catalogue, is a bag that allows you to hang from the tripod while doing a session as on your shoulder to be able to move around with the whole equipment. It is completely waterproof, its interior is completely padded to protect the filters from possible scratches or breakages and, in addition, has some spacers to be able to have the filters organized.


Since then it has formed a part of my photography equipment because it allows me to move and work with the security of having the filters safe and ready to work with them.


Terrascapehas achieved a product with supreme quality, and has become one of my essentials.


¡¡¡ You can not miss it !!!

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