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Photopills ¡¡¡ Maden in Menorca !!!


Undoubtedly, the ideal application for every photographer. Why? Because photography is based on lights and shadows and we need to be able to plan our outputs, have everything planned and calculated to do successful sessions.


Thanks to Photopills we can now know the best daylight hours to be able to adapt our photo session, prepare the information of the exit, know when the sun will set, the moon, etc.


It allows us to have a planner from home to prepare our trips. We also work in the field, using augmented reality that allows us to see where the sun, the moon, the Milky Way, etc are at all times, or where they will be. 


It also allows us the option of calculating exposures, knowing the depth of field, creating hyperfocal tables, traces of stars, etc.

In short, Photopills is a great APP with a huge potential that you cannot miss if you are a photographer.


¡100% recommended!

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