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LucrOit is a brand created by Javier Olmedo. It has grown exponentially to become a reference brand of filters and filter holders. Great national and international photographers in recent years have relied on such a brand.


Personally, I believe that being able to work with these filters gives an added bonus of quality to my work, since I am doing it with a first quality material that does not create problems with dominants nor light inputs.


One of the reasons for this great quality is the investigation and design and the constant advice that the brand receives and applies from the photographers that use and collaborate with them.


This constant flow of information allows you to analyse, criticize, refine and improve the product, which has led to it becoming, today, a large manufacturer of neutral density filters. Achieving the new filters  LucrOit HQ, in my opinion, is positioned as one of the best producers on the market, thus,  for me are some of the best products of its kind on the current market.


Since I use a lens with a spherical front and an integrated lens hood, such as the 14-24mm Nikon or the 14mm of the Sigma Art series, which you can see on my computer, I am forced to use huge filters of 165x165mm which could become an inconvenience with the entrances of lights, flares, etc., but it is not thanks to LucrOit.


Since I discovered LucrOit I can now work relaxed thanks to its great quality.


¡¡¡ 100% recommendable !!! 


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