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My name is Eduard Mendoza Hugas, I was born in October of 1974 in a small town in the province of Barcelona. I am dedicated to professional photography, I am mainly a self-taught photographer.


Since I was born, due to my surroundings and the way I was brought up by my parents and grandparents, I much prefer mountains to beaches, towns to cities and the cold to the heat.



My Roots  

When I was first starting out, a good friend once told me:  “You have to photograph what the human eye can´t  see but what you´re seeing from behind the camera”


My passion for the mountain, nature and everything that surrounded this magical world full of beauty started when I was a little boy. It was not until 2011 that I started in landscape photography to capture those places that captured me. Later, I desired to expand my knowledge and try new subjects, so I started with portraits, photo sessions and fashion sessions.


All this photographic world became my escape route from my normal job. But today I can assure you that photography is already a huge part of my daily life and is always present, wherever I go.


At the beginning it all consisted of testing things out and making mistakes, everything went through experimentation. Later I began reading self-teach  photography, but soon after came the most serious training and the investigation of new techniques, new flows, and I began to find myself in in touch with other professionals who I am very much still in touch with.



      My professional goals


Currently my main goals is to be able to combine work, photographic trips, workshops, talks and the different themes of photography in which I usually work with. The training is also still on-going; I want to continue learning and improving new techniques to be able to perfect them and to see a result in my images and in third-party training.




There is no better photograph than photography in the company of others"    


I am very excited to see that after a long journey and after a lot of effort, I have this website where I can display my work, transmit what my eyes see when I press the shutter of the camera, make my workshops known and offer my professional potential to you all.


So I hope you like my work, I would be grateful if you could follow it, and of course ...



Thank you very much for visiting my website!

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