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My name is Eduard Mendoza Hugas.I was born in October 1974 in Malgrat de Mar, a small town on the coast in the province of Barcelona (Catalunya - Spain).

I grew up as a happy, healthy child, with my parents and grandparents in an environment surrounded by mountain and sea landscapes.

I often go over those memories again and again and the moment when I saw the light for the first time and I wonder if it was then, in the glow of that remote autumn, when my passion for the mountain, nature and everything that surrounds this brilliant world began.Maybe that's why it fascinates me to lose myself exploring, in nothingness, in silence, in any part of the world, especially in cold weather, freezing cold.



My Roots  



There are many images that caught my attention collecting them in my head but it was not until 2011 when I bought my first camera, becoming an extension of my eyes, taking in the photography, the essence of those places that developed before me, the wonderful sunrises, the bright red sunsets, the starry sky in the middle of nature, the milky way, the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic Circle. After a few months and enthusiastic to try new subjects, I started with urban architecture, portraits, photo sessions and fashion sessions.

At first, I only knew that photography was based mainly on lights and shadows, but it was all proof-error, everything went through experimentation. Later I started with photography books in a self-teach attempt but soon after I realized that the best investment for a photographer was to invest in training and in the best photographic equipment. After a while, my photographs proved the results. The investigation of new techniques, new workflows and finding myself in relation with other professionals was the key to get where I am today.

For me, photographs are the experience captured becoming one of the main means to experience something, that of expression. It has become my way of living and seeing life. Photography has implanted an event in itself, I can already say that this dream of mine has been fulfilled, with the hope that one day it will become completely professional and be the main source of my income.



      My professional goals



Nowadays, I have become quite the perfectionist with myself with just one priority, to improve day by day as a photographer while traveling to any part of the world, mainly with a personal goal, specializing as a photographer and guide in the Arctic Circle where I have been doing photographic workshops for several years already, for more information click HERE. At the same time combining it with my daily life and at the same time giving workshops to third parties and some other talks, for more information about workshops and talks click HERE.

The continuous training present to continue perfecting the new techniques, to be able to make a better finish in my images in terms of processing and show the training to third parties with my workshops without secrets. 


I am now collaborating with PHOTOPILLS – TERRASCAPE  - THE HEAT COMPANY


Best wishes, Edu 


Eduard Mendoza "or as my friends call me THE BEGINNER"

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